General Information about Yevlakh

Yevlakh- The region in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Administrative center is Yevlakh city...

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General Information about Tartar

Tartar – region in Azerbaijan. The name was Mir-Bashir during Soviet rule. 

Tartar region is situated in north-east foothills of Lesser Caucasus and Garabagh Plain. Capacity is 957 km², population is 98, 1 thousand people (01.01.2009)...

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General Information about Goranboy

Goranboy – region in Azerbaijan. Distance between Goranboy region and Baku is 317 km.

Central part of the region is Goranboy town. Old Shatal fortress is located nearby the town...

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General Information about Barda

Barda- region in Azerbaijan.

Barda region was granted an administrative area status in 1930. Barda has one town and 110 villages...

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General Information about Agjabedi

Agjabedi- region of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Administrative centre is Agjabedi town. Agjabedi was a city type in the Republic of Azerbaijan in 1939-1962 years. Centre of Agjabedi region is 45 km from airport, Aghdam railway station, 374 km distance from Baku, Mil and Garabagh plain on both banks of Gargarchay...

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General Information about Aghdam

Aghdam- Region of Azerbaijan, today great part of its territory is under Armenian occupation including administrative central Aghdam city, too. Only 10 villages of Aghdam are under the control of Azerbaijan in accordance with occupation...

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